UNIMAT Commercial

UNIMAT Commercial Inc. is a privately operated multifacited real estate investment company based in Los Angeles, California with a reach across selected regions of the United States in its holdings. Its investments under management and integrated joint venture properties make for a diversified real estate portfolio including, office, retail, multifamily, and industrial assets.

The portfolio projects an assembly of bold assets with a sense of pride in ownership. Properties vary across the investment spectrum, and include core-stabilized to distressed assets acquired for revitalization or full scale development. The organization focuses on creating value for itself, its investors and affiliated partners by utilizing its team’s experience. This translates best in its calculated approach when analyzing and understanding the project’s long-term and short-term investment horizon.

Structured asset management is a cornerstone in the operation of each property. Executing aggressive lease programs with quality tenants and physically maintaining a property in an efficient manner is necessary to sustain a property’s integrity and competitiveness. The synchronization of these advanced tactics at the precise state in the economic cycle produces an edge in the company’s acquisition, disposition and management processes. Through these strategic processes, greater demand and inherent property value is created, while benefiting its surrounding communities and environments.

Presently, with a foothold in leading markets within key states, an aim to further the company’s growth in existing and new markets persists. In these future endeavors, opportunities for new business along side strategic partners are often explored.

UNIMAT Real Estate Services

Acting primarily as the Acquisitions, Development and Redevelopment arm to UNIMAT Commercial, UNIMAT Real Estate Services (UNIMAT-RES) stands as a full service hands on real estate firm which handles all facets of the Real Estate process. This branch of the UNIMAT platform provides Real Estate investors and principals an opportunity to maximize the potential of their investment by means beyond basic asset placement.

UNIMAT-RES was founded under the premise of “strategic foresight” which targets specific areas within gentrifying regions, and forecasts future shifts in underutilized landscapes within the designated zones. Upon identification, assets will be acquired with an aim to achieve maximum value creation and returns. Markets experiencing radical change or a surge in growth are opportunistic settings where underutilized assets exist. Repositioning a property in an underperforming state can dramatically increase the desirability of the asset, producing higher property value and net returns.

While short term and long-term holding periods vary from deal to deal, UNIMAT’s edge in a competitive real estate climate involves the disposition of assets which have reached their maximum threshold within peak market values. The shift in investment to immerging areas with long-term potential creates value purely based on demand and growth, hedging the onset of a depressed future economic cycle. Depending on timing within the economic cycle assets are periodically evaluated and either turned for an opportune exit or held for the long term in an appreciating market. UNIMAT-RES aims to acquire and reposition well-located assets, with a goal to revitalize their surroundings and the local community.

Services Rendered

UNIMAT-RES extends beyond servicing the UNIMAT platform and offers its comprehensive Real Estate resources and solutions to those outside of its own business framework.


UNIMAT-RES provides a broad range of commercial real estate brokerage services and implements the finest real estate tactics to capture opportunities with a competitive advantage. Sustained by implementing a variety of market research tools, analysis and market forecast capabilities. UNIMAT’s proficiencies cover Purchases and Sales as well as Landlord and Tenant representation, which can fulfill requirements on a company-wide measure.

Capital Markets: Debt Sourcing

In addition, UNIMAT has the scope of real life practice and depth of market knowledge in investment properties and capital markets to procure competitive real estate financing through a variety of prominent lenders even in complex financing scenarios.

Other Services:

-------- Acquisition/Disposition -------- Portfolio Planning -------- Asset Management -------- Equity Placement

-------- Due Diligence Support -------- Feasibility Analysis -------- Property Valuation -------- General Consulting

-------- Development Advisory -------- Market Research -------- Project Management -------- Financial Modeling