UNIMAT Commercial

UNIMAT Commercial Inc. is a privately operated multifaceted real estate investment company based in Los Angeles, California with a reach across selected regions of the United States in its holdings. Its investments under management and integrated joint venture properties make for a diversified real estate portfolio including, office, retail, multifamily, and industrial assets. 

UNIMAT was founded under the premise of “strategic foresight” which targets specific areas within gentrifying regions, and forecasts future shifts in underutilized landscapes within the designated zones. 

While short term and long-term holding periods vary amongst assets, UNIMAT’s real estate focus and joint venture considerations prerequisite investments within immerging markets with long-term potential; whereby values are based on demand and growth. 

Markets experiencing radical change or a surge in growth are opportunistic settings where underutilized assets may exist. Upon identification, assets will be acquired with an aim to achieve maximum value creation and returns. UNIMAT aims to hedge its self by keeping a balanced and diversified portfolio. Depending on timing within the economic cycle, assets are periodically evaluated and either turned for exit or held for the long term. 

UNIMAT aims to acquire and reposition well-located assets, with a goal to revitalize their surroundings and positively impact the local community in the long-term.