Shervin Mateen 

Kam Mateen


Having been embedded in the global real estate arena for over 80 years of combined experience, principals Shervin and Kam Mateen have a strong foundation for their presence in the field today. Upon establishing UNIMAT / Cannon., the Mateen's have broadened their business objectives from sole investment to establishing both personal and professional relationships with a select group of investors and partners. As Principals, they take a hands on approach to all management and acquisition practices, where each oversees aspects from underwriting, due diligence and management along side their leading staff. Together they orchestrate a team to make intelligent assessments ensuring the longevity of their acquisitions.

George T. Gamel

Controller/Portfolio Manager

George is a seasoned licensed real estate veteran with an Accounting Degree whose career began back in the early 80’s. He joined Cannon - Unimat in 2005 and is responsible for overseeing all assets and operating the portfolio in consistent fashion. George is involved in all acquisitions, dispositions, refinances, budgeting, all financial reporting, leasing, contract negotiation, capital projects and construction. He ensures that the personnel he oversees daily maintain and operate the assets in the most effective and efficient fashion.

Oliver Mateen

Acquisitions Director

Oliver is responsible for sourcing new investments and structuring the repositioning program of newly acquired assets. He oversees an asset’s development to ensure timely and perfected execution through financial analysis, due diligence, loan origination, lease negotiation, disposition strategy, and other general portfolio management processes. Oliver also implements innovative valuation techniques, ground up development methods and partnership structuring. Oliver holds a Masters Degree in Real Estate Finance & Investment from New York University and is led by UNIMAT’s general philosophy: to pioneer urbanization within untapped markets and revitalize communities by being that initial catalyst for development..

Luisa B. Lenihan

Chief Portfolio Financial Analyst

Luisa graduated with degrees in Master of Business Administration and Doctor of Business Administration. She has more than 9 years experience in real estate development and as a professor in the Philippines. She joined Cannon - Unimat in 2004, overseeing 3 important external sectors in the company – Banks, Lenders and Investors. Amongst other macro and micro management functions, she ensures compliance with the lenders quarterly and annual financial reporting and budget submission. She also oversees the bi-monthly financial reporting with the investors and investor distributions.

Martin Del Carmen

Assistant Financial Analyst

Martin started at Cannon - Unimat in Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and now holds the position of Assistant Financial Analyst. He handles General Partnership accounts for the properties including distributions, reconciliations and maintenance. He also handles a number of Note Payables accounts.